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        Aquatic Therapy Information

Why Water for Rehabilitation?

WOR and Aquatic Center has a state-of-the-art 92-94 degree indoor pool used exclusively by our clinic for optimal rehabilitation.

Why use a therapeutic pool:
There are many benefits to using the water for rehabilitation. It is extremely important that the water used for therapy is in a warm pool with temperatures above 90 degrees to have maximum benefit. This temperature is considered “therapeutic”. Health club pools are not considered therapeutic temperature as they usually range from 78 degrees to 82 degrees to serve the lap simmer population.


Aquatic physical therapy is now being recognized as one of the most effective forms of rehabilitation for a variety of physical conditions. Water’s unique characteristics provide support and comfort while eliminating painful stress on joints and muscles allowing for a faster recovery. The buoyancy and smooth resistance of water allows for greater freedom of movement so the injury is not aggravated, yet the body is still challenged at an adequate stress level improving function and minimizing pain. The warm therapeutic temperature also promotes muscle relaxation that promotes greater freedom of movement. Exercising in water also increases circulation which can decrease swelling after surgery or injury.

Why have different depths in a pool?

Shallow water Rehabilitation – water depths of 4 feet
These depths allow for early walking retraining, balance training, easing into weight bearing when there have been weight bearing limitations set (after some surgeries), sports or work specific activities that cannot be performed on land and other rehabilitation protocols.


Deep Water Training-water depth of 6 feet
This depth allows for total decompression of the spine and joints. Total body conditioning, traction, relaxation training, lumbar stabilization and joint decompression exercises can be performed. This is especially beneficial to back patients and those patients that cannot tolerate land training.

There are countless benefits of aquatic rehabilitation when performed in warm water with different depths. If you have any questions regarding aquatic physical therapy, please contact us at (509) 242-6002.


WOR Aquatic Therapy has two locations: 507 S. Washington, Ste. 10 in the lower South Hill area and 765 E. Holland Ste. 3 on the north side in the North Point Medical Plaza. We have designed a therapeutic pool at each location to provide the community with the full benefits of aquatic rehabilitation. Aquatic physical therapy has long been recognized as one of the most effective forms of therapy for a variety of physical conditions including post surgical, total joint replacements, sports, work injuries and arthritis. It is also especially effective for post-operative and “pain sensitive” patients. The ATRIC certified staff at WOR is committed to providing excellent quality comprehensive care in a small friendly environment with an emphasis on personal attention. Additionally, we offer a full land rehabilitation program including manual therapy, strain/counterstrain, modalities and therapeutic exercises.

Our Aquatic staff features:

 ATRIC Certified
 Bad Ragaz Trained
 Halliwick Trained
 WATSU Trained
 Berdenko Certified
 Ai Chi Certified
 Spinal Stabilization
 Lifeguard Certified
 Arthritis Certified

Our Aquatic Physical Pool features:
 Indoor, warm 92-94 degree water
 Depths ranging from 4 to 6 feet
 Buoyancy equipment
 Locker rooms and showers

Some benefits of aquatic physical therapy include:
 Protection of joints during exercise
 Decompression of the whole body during deep water training
 Swelling reduction of the injured area during therapy treatment
 Weight relief for decreased weight bearing diagnoses
 Enhancement of relation which aides in pain and muscle spasm relief

A customized treatment program is designed by our physical therapists to meet the specific treatment needs of each patient to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program which may include aquatic and land therapy.

We are Medicare certified and accept L&I and most insurances. We also provide billing. Please call our office if you need any information. We are looking forward to serving you.



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