Our trained staff of Aides and Assistants work under the direction of the Physical Therapist in helping our patients take back their active lifestyle.



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Thank you for choosing WOR for your rehabilitation. We have excelled in providing the highest quality of care to the surrounding communities and physicians for years. Our aquatic therapy pool is one of the first physical therapist owned aquatic therapy pools in Spokane. Our mission is to provide excellence in patient care in a caring, personal environment so that you may reach the highest level of function and improve your quality of life. We are a small clinic dedicated to giving you the personal care you deserve from our highly trained staff. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about what to expect from your rehabilitation, the staff and this facility.


Your initial visit will consist of a one hour evaluation by a licensed physical therapist. On the initial visit, you will begin treatment for your condition and you may be given some exercises or activities to perform at home to assist in your rehabilitation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment or diagnosis, please ask your physical therapist. Typically, you will not be getting in the pool for this first visit.


Our philosophy in providing you the best possible rehabilitation is to take an active approach. It will be your responsibility to participate in your recovery and treatment. This will give you better and faster results. You will be asked to perform exercises at home and in the clinic which may consist of aquatic exercises, land exercises or a combination of the two. It is normal to experience some increased soreness when starting your program. If you have any concerns, please notify your physical therapist. Attendance is very important to your rehabilitative success. Unexcused absences may lead to termination of therapy with notification to your doctor.


Your physical therapist may choose a variety of treatments to maximize your rehabilitation. If you are participating in aquatic physical therapy you may not feel you are working as hard as you really are. This is one of the wonderful attributes of water. Please note that it is easy to overdo it. Please follow your therapist’s instructions carefully to avoid overstraining in any activity. Your rehabilitation team will consist of your physical therapist, physical therapist assistant and a trained physical therapy aide who is supervised under the direction of the physical therapist.



"Helping you take back your active lifestyle!"
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